One thing that always interested me was how the media interprets the latest science research. Almost every week there will be an article in the media on the inanimate objects that either cause or prevents cancer. I’ve summarised some of the ridiculous things that either cause or prevent cancer. Figure 1: List of things that either […]

A patient with severe brain injury lies in a hospital bed, on life support. He shows no outward sign of consciousness, and the level of brain damage this person suffered, and subsequently his prognosis, is unknown.  He is diagnosed as being in an “Unresponsive Wakefulness State” (UWS), the politically correct term that has replaced the more familiar […]

Did you know that one of the first lines of defence against cancer is your own immune system? So that got me thinking, why do we not treat cancer in the same way as we treat infections – with vaccines! Vaccination and antibody-based therapies would be a lot more specific than traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy […]

In 1983, Barbara McClintock was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for her discovery of mobile elements in the genome capable of undergoing transposition – which she termed “jumping genes”. McClintock was a key leader in the early field of cytogenetics, and first used cytogenetic methods to study maize chromosomes. She first came […]

Humans and animals alike are bound to their need for sleep. However, there remains many mysteries such as; ‘What is sleep?’ ‘How is sleep controlled?’ Why is it necessary?’ ‘What happens if you get too much or too little?’. These interesting complicated questions have yet to be solved. There are many people who could be […]

As part of our final year, Biological Sciences students at the University of Leicester have the option to either do a experimental project or a literature based project. We are then expected to write a final dissertation based on this project. Owing to my dreams of one day doing my own research, I was really […]

Summer Studentships This will be a brief guide to applying for summer internships available for an undergraduate studying Biological/ Medical Sciences and is in the penultimate year of their degree. There will be more internships available than those that I will suggest so leave yourself open to all kinds of opportunities. The first thing to […]

What is the ER Quality Control Mechanism? Chaperone proteins are involved in assisting protein translocation, retaining unfolded proteins in the ER, and mediating the unfolded protein response. There are 3 main ER Chaperone proteins involved:         I.            BIP Binds to exposed amino acid sequences that are normally buried in the interior of a […]

What are P Elements? P elements are DNA transposable elements, that carry genes required for transposase activity and genes that encode a repressor that prevents expression of transposase. P elements have a characteristic 31bp inverted repeat at both ends of the element. P elements can be either full length or short length. The full length […]

Noncoding DNA and Genome Evolution   Noncoding DNA, why does it exist? There are many possibilities but it is thought that noncoding DNA has a function that has not yet been discovered hence why the cell is maintain it – it is essential for proper cell function. Another possibility is that noncoding sequences might be […]