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Is fish oil really that effective? As you all may know, there have been reports (or should I say newspaper articles) talking about how fish oil seems to improve one’s intelligence. I recently became intrigued with this, though not through my own freewill because I have family members eating capsules full of this oil i.e. Equazen eye qs. Now I […]

A Brief Introduction to Senescence and Cancer

What is Senescence? Senescence is “the biological process of ageing”. Therefore, it is the driving force behind wrinkling of the skin, whitening of the hair and many other things people try to avoid by spending millions of pounds per year on age-defying beauty treatments, creams and ointments. Phenomenally, though, understanding senescence may bring us closer […]

Café Brain – Post Graduate Research Insights

The Café brain event held today (15/08/2012) at the University of Leicester, was surprisingly fun and it started getting me thinking of what I’d like to do when I’m doing my PhD (which is of course still just a dream – or be it an everyday converging reality towards one ). I was introduced to the BNA […]

Why it turns out that biofilms are actually important

Hi,  I am Jenna and one of the new contributors to scientific knowledge. I will be undertaking my 2nd year in Medical Microbiology at the University of Leicester this academic year. I also have my own personal blog where I share my opinions on science which I find interesting (mostly microbes) but it is more […]

Event at the University of Leicester

Café Research (formally known as Cafe Scientifique) are hosting an informal event where scientists and researchers can mingle and exchange ideas. The main reason for my excitement is that the talks will be mostly genetics/physiology related two fields that strike deeply into what I believe to be my future interests, they will be held on […]

A New Beginning, for Sciknowledge.

Greetings, firstly I apologise for the absence of recent blogs – the summer had me distracted with other tasks. However, this time round Sciknowledge will return stronger with a team of individuals (Most of which will be from the University of Leicester – Biological Sciences/Medical Sciences Department). I hope all of those who visit this […]