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Sir Alec Jefferys Retirement Symposium: Lecture

35 Years at the DNA Coalface: A Tale of Scientific Serendipity In July 1975, Sir Alec Jeffreys published his thesis at the University of Oxford; “Studies on the Mitochondria of Cultured Mammalian Cells”. This led on to his work with Dick Flavell in Amsterdam which involved isolating a single mammalian gene. The revolutionary work by […]

Professor Charles Streuli – Integrins in mammary cells and how they can cause cancerous tumours

N.B. The information may be incorrect as these are just notes I acquired from attending the lecture, and the topics are out of my grasp as they are directed to postgraduates. Initially I didn’t know what integrins are, but it seems to be a receptor of some kind which sets of a cascade of signals […]

Retirement Symposium for Professor David Critchley at University of Leicester

At a very short notice my friend informed me about a symposium which was held on Tuesday 18th September about cell migration. I decided to go even though  biochemistry is my weaker subject as I was curious as to what it was about. Even though I have never met Professor David Critchley before but I […]

Junk DNA is not so junk after all .. Every time “junk” DNA or non-coding DNA has been mentioned it has always been briefly mentioned by teachers or lecturers. They remind us that it exists and that they may might be of significant importance but because nothing has been discovered so far it has only been a theory so it was dismissed. There […]

Review of Some Molecular Visualisation software

Visualising Molecules: DNA Chemistry has been at the epicentre of my heart, a subject that I perceive difficult yet I have the ignited fire within to allow me to face such difficulty with curiosity instead. I’ve always been amazed at how much impact the chemistry communities’ ideas  have in the biological community and how that […]