So, you’re in the second year of a biological sciences degree and you’re looking for a summer Internship?

Summer Studentships

This will be a brief guide to applying for summer internships available for an undergraduate studying Biological/ Medical Sciences and is in the penultimate year of their degree. There will be more internships available than those that I will suggest so leave yourself open to all kinds of opportunities.

The first thing to do is explore what the academics in your university, as well as those at other universities, are offering.For example they could be part of a society, looking for students enthusiastic about their research area to have the opportunity to be a part of their research team over the summer. Most internships require you to meet and discuss with potential supervisors, whose work interests you, a plan for what you will be doing over the summer, then the supervisor applies for funding on your behalf. However there are a few internships that offer an easy approach; they couple the supervisors and funding in one easy application, these are arguably more competitive though.

Wellcome Trust Internship:

(Found at


The Wellcome Trust is a well known organisation it aims to help fund those that seek education via an internship. You can meet with a supervisor of your own choice, it may be best to identify an academic in your university whose work is of great interest to you and apply together for funding. Alternatively there are some preset internships that only require you to send your CV and a cover letter, these are advertised on the Wellcome trust website.

Deadline for applications: 15th February 2013 (check for 2014)
Amount available: £180 per week for up to 8 weeks work

The student must be in the second year of their first degree when the application is made. The supervisor applies on behalf of the student.

London Research Institute

(Found at

 London Reseach Insitiute

This organisation gives you a wide range of topics from microbiology to biochemistry, you choose 3 preferred topics to research over the summer. All that is required of you to do is choose the topics and effectively the academics you are going to work with and fill out a form. I highly recommend applying only if you are interested in the research topics and make sure you develop a good background in the research areas you have applied for (this is compulsory for all internships in all fairness).

Deadline for applications: 18th February 2013 (check for 2014)
Amount available: £210 per week to cover costs from 1st July to 6th September 2013 (check for 2014)

The student must be in the second year of their first degree when the application is made. The student applies and must attend an interview.

Society for General Microbiology

(Found at

Society for General Microbiology

This is one for the microbiologists, this society supports students studying microbiology by funding the costs of a microbiology related summer project.

Deadline for application: 15th February 2013 (check for 2014)
Amount available: £185 per week to cover costs between 6 to 8 weeks, in addition to up to £400 research costs

The student must be in the send year of their first degree. Supervisor must be a member of the SGM and applies for student.

Biochemical Society

(Found at

Biochemical Society

The biochemical society is a great place for anyone studying biochemistry. Being an undergraduate member has many benefits and it’s reasonably affordable for any student.  You don’t need to be a member to apply for internship funding, however the supervisor does.

Deadline: 13th February 2013 (check for 2014)
Amount available: £200 per week to cover costs between 6 to 8 weeks.

Students must be in the second year of their first degree. 
Supervisor must be a member of the Biochemical Society and applies for student.

I hope this post has convinced you that there are many institutions that care about undergraduates and how well they develop their skills, confidence and association with professionals in the field of research. I also hope that this is somewhat a gateway for you to be able to understand and search for more internships/studentships that might catch your eye.

I wish you all the best.

Additional Notes: This websites presents many more internships :


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  1. Jenna Lam · · Reply

    For the academic year 2013-2014 there is another available studentship to apply for from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory available to a limited number if Universities including Exeter, Southampton and Leicester so look out for them!

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