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Dodgy claims

One thing that always interested me was how the media interprets the latest science research. Almost every week there will be an article in the media on the inanimate objects that either cause or prevents cancer. I’ve summarised some of the ridiculous things that either cause or prevent cancer. Figure 1: List of things that either […]

Could He Be Conscious? Part 1

A patient with severe brain injury lies in a hospital bed, on life support. He shows no outward sign of consciousness, and the level of brain damage this person suffered, and subsequently his prognosis, is unknown.  He is diagnosed as being in an “Unresponsive Wakefulness State” (UWS), the politically correct term that has replaced the more familiar […]

A New Beginning, for Sciknowledge.

Greetings, firstly I apologise for the absence of recent blogs – the summer had me distracted with other tasks. However, this time round Sciknowledge will return stronger with a team of individuals (Most of which will be from the University of Leicester – Biological Sciences/Medical Sciences Department). I hope all of those who visit this […]

What is SciKnowledge?

  Welcome to my ‘Blog’, I shall spend the rest of my free time trapped in this cage that I shall build with the knowledge I accumulate throughout my upcoming days. I hope you enjoy visiting this page, and most importantly leave knowing something you don’t know before. All the best,  Al.